Red Oak Sanitation and Recycling

Recycle for the cure!

100% of our recycling proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society to support its Patient Resource Navigation Programs in North Georgia.

Patient Resource Navigators assist people suffering from all kinds of cancer, with breast cancer being theRecycle for the Cure most commonly diagnosed cancer among their patients in parts of North Georgia. Breast Cancer is an issue that matters to us, so we do everything we can to help with its prevention, treatment, and public awareness - including painting our recycling trucks pink!

Our customers receive new, large, rolling recycling containers. Our containers allow for over 400% more recycling capacity than a standard, small recycling bin. This means more items in your recycling container and less garbage in your garbage can - and less garbage in landfills!

We accept over 40 categories of recyclable items (view our list here) - more than any other company in our area. You will be able to recycle more than you ever thought possible. You will no longer need to lift a heavy bin all the way from your house to your curb in order to recycle - our containers have wheels, allowing for much easier transportation. Our containers also have lids, so recycling items will stay in your container - and not all over your street!

Our recycling service occurs every-other-week, as opposed to every week. This reduces truck traffic in neighborhoods by 25% (which reduces air and noise pollution and increases safety and property conditions).

All aspects of our recycling program are meant to help us become a better company while helping our planet and your community at the same time.

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