Red Oak Sanitation and Recycling

What items are considered recyclable?

We understand that renewable resources are crucial to the society in which we live, and we completely support local recycling efforts with our service.

In light of this, we offer the most comprehensive recycling program in North Georgia. We run separate recycling routes and take great care to ensure that recycling items are handled distinctively from the garbage we remove.

NOTE: Anything that needs to be recycled HAS to be bagged and in the recycle cart.

We accept over 40 categories of recyclable items, including:

• Aluminum
• Steel food containers
• Steel beverage containers
• Aluminum baking tins
• Cardboard boxes
• Pizza boxes
• Soda cartons
• Beer cartons
• General drink cartons
• Shoe boxes
• Cereal boxes
• Tissue boxes
• Other packaging boxes
• All junk mail
• Kraft paper

• Grocery and lunch bags
• Calendars
• School papers
• Computer paper
• Phone books
• Books
• Catalogs
• Newspapers
• Mail inserts
• #1 plastic soda bottles
• #1 plastic water bottles
• Plastic milk jugs
• Juice bottles
• Other rigid containers
• Magazines

Acceptable recycling materials may vary by service area, so please email us here or call us at (770) 536-7868 for information on recycling limitations in your area.

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