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Frequently Asked Questions

To follow are a some questions that we have compiled from our customers. If you do not see a question you would like answered, please contact us to let us know.

Q: Can you throw cardboard in with recycle?

A. Yes, as long as the boxes fit inside of the recycle container without prohibiting items underneath them being emptied. Any boxes outside of the recycle cart will be put in the trash. They need to be empty, broken down and flattened. We take 25 per week and they need to be bundled with rope.

Q: What is your yard waste policy?

A. We take up to 8 bags of yard waste (grass clippings & leaves) per week. We also take 3-4 bundles of limbs and branches per week. Each limb and branch cannot exceed 4ft. and 4in. in diameter. The bundles have to be tied up with rope.

Q: How much trash can I put out each week?

A: Our 98 gallon trash cart and 3 additional bags.

Q: What is considered a bulk item?

A: Furniture, appliances, outdoor equipment and most other items too large to fit in your waste cart. We CANNOT accept appliances with freon lines, construction debris (including 2x4, plywood, etc), tires, batteries or wet paint.

Q: What do I do with my bulk items that need to be thrown out?

A: Call at least one day in advance to schedule a pick-up. Anything not called in will not be picked up.

Q: What is considered recyclable?

A: Click here to view a list of acceptable recyclable items.

Q: Can I pay my bill over the phone?

A: Absolutely! And at no extra charge! And we now accept Discover!

Q: Do you miss picking me up if my schedule day falls on a holiday?

A: You are never missed. You will be picked up one day later than your scheduled day.

Q: When should my trash be put out at the curb?

A: Your garbage should be out by 7AM the morning of your service day.

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